Istanbul : The Armada A Magical finish to an Out-of-this-World Tour

It's important that we check, check and double check hotels on our cycle tours to ensure that our clients enjoy the best possible experience. It's also one of my favourite parts of the job 😉

Balkans By Bicycle launches next year and we've selected a glorious hotel smack bang in the middle of the Fatih District of Istanbul less than half a mile from Topkapi Palace itself to finish this unique tour from the Adriatic. At The Armada Hotel they 'strive to delight ''Istanbul Lovers'' by resurrecting a quintessential identity which marked 19th Century Istanbul'

Its rooftop terrace boasts a breath-taking view of the Sea of Marmara pouring into the Bosphorous and the interior lobby is decorated with a plethora of relics of a bygone era epitomising some of Istanbul's special traditions. 

Enjoy a traditional Turkish tea in the well decked out comfortably-cushioned lobby served by a smiling waiter and brought out on the iconic silver tray in tiny tulip-shaped little glasses

The Armada Hotel's lobby fountain also plays host to some rather special guests. Look closely!

The unique culture at the Armada Hotel is such that they embellish the practice of ''Embracing, Protecting and Preserving'' authentic Istanbul lifestyle and adhering to modern day eco practises. As such you'll find a bar of soap in your room with instructions on how to lather your hair rather than the less eco-friendly shampoo alternative. However ladies I do warn you now that the hairdryer is also of the ‘eco-friendly’ variety and as such just doesn’t do the job quite to the standards of Morphy Richard’s power blast!

The Armada Hotel also has its own old boat, that they are particularly proud of.
It is somewhat of a classic and there is a story in itself about its restoration that you can read all about here : Armada History

Sleeping turtles 🐢 🐢  Absolutely fascinating!

We can't think of a better way to end this incredible cycling challenge that takes you through these seven wonderful countries of the Balkans than a cocktail on the roof terrace of The Armada.
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