Photo Blog: Mine-Recce of St Malo to Nice

France has the reputation for being one of the most cycle friendly countries in Europe. We recently embarked on a recce of the iconic St Malo to Nice route known as Channel to Med

We got about a quarter of it done in the short time that we had. And it was a wonderful time. The feeling of being respected as a cyclist was very enjoyable. At no point are you made to feel an annoyance becuase you are on a bike. Anyways, I write this whilst waiting for my train from Tours to Bordeaux for the next chapter (another story). Time to put together a few photos of cycling in this part of France.


St Malo Seafront

French Countryside

Beautiful Normandy Beaches

Coffee stop at la Pointe du Grouin

Some hotels advertise their cycle friendly approach

Tidy french gardens

Arrived in Fougerés on a busy Easter Saturday 

French cuisine is hard to beat!


Lunch by the church - Easter and everywhere is shut

Farm style Bed and Breakfast near Segré-en-Anjou Bleu (Came across this old Renault tractor from 1963)

Greenway on a disused railway line

First views of the Loire

A tributary of the mighty River Loire near Segré

Loire River near Segré

Chalonnes-sur-Loire in the region Maine et Loire

Some old French architecture is Disneyland like!

The French regions of Normandy and Brittany have many great roads with little traffic

The ride by the river to Saumur

Mushroom beer from the Mushroom Museum (one bottle and you'll be a fun guy!)

Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud...

,,,This incredible abbey was a prison until 1963

Arriving in Tours

The People's Hostal in Tours is all about bikes (I WANT this one!)

People's Hostal, Tours

Post written by Paul Kennedy (Helmet Head!)


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs...this one brings back memories of my cycle last year from the most northerly tip of France (on the beach at the border with Belgium) to the most southerly village (in the Pyrenees bordering Spain) Thankfully the most southerly village in France is in the eastern end of the mountains and not too high up! PS I think we chatted for a while a few years ago on an NDCC run down the coast!


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