Relax, you're in Northern Spain! Coast to Coast for the 'Active' Cyclist.

Introducing our BRAND NEW Spain Coast to Coast 14-Day Cycle Tour for the 'Active' Cyclist!

In 2021 we launched our fantastic Spain Coast to Coast tour for the 'Avid' cyclist. In 2022 we will be running our first Spain Coast to Coast for the 'Active' cyclist. Fewer daily miles. Less climbing and a gorgeous finish on the Mediterranean coast! Suitable for all you 12-Day MizMal completers and new-comers alike. Read on to find out what it's all about. Can't wait to get going on it!

Our 14-Day Spain Coast to Coast cycle tour will run 16th to 29th May 2022. 13 nights with 12 days of awesome cycling! The coast to coast route traverses the southerly and central regions of the Pyrenees and is designed to appeal to cyclists capable of riding 70+ km and 1,000 metres of climbing per day.

All our tours are multi-day, point to point cycling adventures categorized as either “Avid” or “Active”. That makes it easy for you to find a tour that suits your style. It also means that when we launch a new tour you will know it will be a fit. Find out if you are an Avid or Active rider. From conception to launch we are actively picturing the type of rider that will love every aspect of the experience.

Cycle San Sebastian to Tossa de Mar in 12 cycling days. From glittering San Sebastián with its world-renowned Michelin-starred restaurants to the ancient medieval city of Girona and on to Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava. The cycle route takes in the Pyrenees Mountains in northern Spain from the wildness of the Atlantic to the blue warm waters of the Mediterranean. Daily averages are approximately 70 km and 1,000 meters of climbing per day. By comparison our Ireland End-to-End 12-day tour averages 87 km and 800 meters of cycling. If you fit the profile of our 'Active' cyclist (explore rider styles here), then this will be a fabulous cycling experience for you! All the thrills of northern Spain’s National Parks and Pyrenees mountain ranges in a relaxed paced tour. If you fancy something with longer distances and more daily climbs, then our ‘Avid’ version with 7 cycling days may be for you.

The route is absolutely stunning! Cycle high mountain passes one day, lush green valleys the next. Quintessential mountain-top villages, quiet, smooth roads meandering alongside steep river gorges, warm people, wholesome food and cold beer. All with the attentive support and easy-going encouragement of the Wild Atlantic Cycling team. Read on to find out more about our Spain coast to coast cycle tour.

Spain Coast to Coast Cycle Tour Route and Itinerary

Spain Coast to Coast Day 1 - The Basque Country - San Sebastian to Leitza

Leaving the hustle of San Sebastian, we soon reach the green, rolling hills and valleys of rural Basque country. Our ride rises up alongside the meandering River Urumea. We are in lush, green, forested terrain. A steady 10 km averaging 4% climb takes us to the top of a short, flowy descent to our finish point in the traditionally Basque village of Leitza.

Spain Coast to Coast Day 2 - Leitza to Pamplona

A day of two parts. A hilly morning as we move from the Basque Country to Navarra. We climb two significant Cols - Uitzi at 802 m and then Zuarrarrate at 780 m. Both descents are gentle, non-technical and super fun! The second half of the day is flatter as we follow the Rivers Araquil and then Arga and on into Pamploma. Pamplona is a wonderful city! A city full of history and deep-rooted traditions. The streets and squares of its historic quarter still preserve a significant collection of monumental buildings dominated by its churches and medieval walls.

The square at Pamplona

Spain Coast to Coast Day 3 - Pamplona to Sanguesa

In contrast to yesterday, we kick off with open landscapes and distant mountains. We roll along enjoying the wide vistas and vineyards of this area. Tiny villages such as Lumbier make great places for a coffee and rest in the shade (or sunshine!).

Spain Coast to Coast Day 4 - Sanguesa to Jaca

Moving from Navarre into the Aragon valley, we follow the scenic banks of the Embalse de Yesa (Yesa Reservoir) fed by the two rivers – Aragon and Esca. This is a fantastic section of well surfaced and sweeping roads. Then it’s the steady, easy climb to our finish point – the historic, mountain town of Jaca, capital of this area with its 11th century cathedral and its 16th century Citadel. Jaca is a key point on the famous pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago.

Spain Coast to Coast Day 5 - Jaca to Ainsa

A day of fun cycling and our longest! Steady ascents and fantastic sweeping, moderate descents. Climbing begins early with distant snow-capped mountain views to ‘Peurto de Serrablo’ (1,291 m). On through rural and fertile areas with traditional villages and Spanish architecture. Then we follow the River Guarga gorge with steep rock faces and the river below us. A steady descent to finish in the beautiful village of Ainsa – reportedly one of the prettiest in the Pyrenees.

Spain Coast to Coast Day 6 - Ainsa to Barbastro

Today we move south from Aragon to Catalunya.  A roller coaster road to the mouth of the reservoir where the river Cinca flows. Then south, hugging the shores of another stunning, turquoise coloured reservoir – El Grado. The region of Somontano de Barbastro, grows wines with a world-famous Designation of Origin. In the town centre is its 16th century cathedral of Historic-Artistic Heritage.

Spain Coast to Coast Day 7 - Barbastro to Balaguar

The earlier part of today is largely through an area of high fertile and remote plains, at an elevation of approximately 400 m. Later we cycle to the Serra Llarga-Secans de la Noguera – a dryland area with unique characteristics situated in the heart of the central depression bordered by the Pre-Pyrenees. We finish in the town of Balaguar with its distinctive broad river (Riu Segre).

Spain Coast to Coast Day 8 - Balaguar to Solsona

Leaving Balageur we cycle by the Pantano de San Lorenzo reservoir. Built between 1949 and 1957. This reservoir, filled with turquoise colour water makes for  truly gorgeous ride, packed with panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains. The village of Camaras is nestled in the hills and some climbing begins here on quiet and remote roads to our finish.

Spain Coast to Coast Day 9 - Solsona to Berga

We head north to the remarkable Llosa del Cavall reservoir – a well-known mecca for kayaking and bungee-jumping adventures! On leaving the spectaular banks of the reservoir we head towards the mountain ranges of Serra de Queralt in the Pyrenean foothills. Here you will enjoy cycling through a rich natural,  landscape with red and black pine forests. Popular for mushroom pickers. Then it’s on to our stopover for the night – the buzzing little Catalunya town of Berga.

Spain Coast to Coast Day 10 - Berga to Olot

A meandering and hilly start to the day. Don’t expect flat or straight as we pedal the north side of the Panta de la Baells reservoir. We are in the Serra del Catlarás mountain range with its wonderfully enjoyable climb to the ‘Coll de Canes’ at 1,120m. Your reward is the wonderful, steady descent towards Olot. A 13 km downhill section with a non-technical, average gradient of 5.5%.

Spain Coast to Coast Day 11 - Olot to Girona

From Olot we continue west via the ‘Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxabout’. This intriguing area features volcanic cones, lava flows, nature reserves, medieval castles & towns. After some gentle climbing in the morning, the rest of the day is largely a steady descent to Girona. A particularly beautiful afternoon highlight is cycling the quiet, peaceful roads by Lake Banyoles.  We finish in Girona - a lively city in the valley of the Ter, at the confluence of four rivers. The River Onyar, divides the historic centre from the modern city. The old centre of this Catalan city preserves remains of its long history, from the time it was founded by the Romans in the 1st century B. C. Due to its location it has become a cyclists' mecca!

Spain Coast to Coast Day 12 - Girona to Tossa de Mar

Finish day starts relatively flat leaving Girona and heading south-east towards Spain’s beautful coastal town of Tossa de Mar. The day starts with some quiet and pleasant cycling. At approximately 35km we enter the Massís de les Cadiretes an area with lush mixed forest at 500 metres elevation with gorgeous valley and sea views. One of the most well-conserved examples of the original landscape of the Costa Brava.

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